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From The Rehearsal Dinner to the After-Party-Brunch, It’s Time To Party! | Southport Weddings

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Wedding rehearsal party Southport, NC wedding family toasting

Sometimes couples view the rehearsal dinner as something to check off the list as they race with excitement towards their big day. However, your rehearsal dinner can be so much more than an obligatory tradition.

Rehearsal party tablescape Southport, NC wedding

There is rarely a wedding day, and its following reception, that doesn’t blow right past a happy couple in some way. It’s so easy to get caught up in joyful emotions, hugging dozens of well-wishing friends and relatives then sitting back at the end of the day wondering who you missed!

The rehearsal dinner typically welcomes the wedding party, immediate family, and often any out of town guests.

This can be the intimate party that kicks off your entire wedding weekend! The relaxed atmosphere allows a couple to truly engage with the people who mean most to them in their lives.

For some guests, it may be the first time meeting your significant other in a smaller setting that provides everyone with the chance to enjoy one another’s company without the distraction of a larger crowd. It becomes more of a welcome party, especially for guests who are new to the area.

Pizza for a Southport, NC wedding rehearsal

Planning a rehearsal dinner is fine if that is what you want; however, what you both truly love is pizza? Why not hold your rehearsal dinner at the spot which serves the best slice in town? Out of town guests always appreciate being introduced to a local hotspot. An amazing rehearsal dinner kicks off the mood for the weekend!

Find a location that accentuates your personalities. Maybe it’s a laid back spot near the ocean or a more formal restaurant downtown. Wherever adventure takes you it can be a great time for family and friends to give a heartfelt toast. In this smaller setting, their words can be heard, and their meaning felt, while not detracting from the traditional toasts given during the reception.

Brunch spread for an Oak Island, NC wedding brunch

A hot trend for weddings is providing those most important in your tribe with a post-wedding brunch.

People are busy, and some guests may encounter delayed flights or other issues that make arriving at a rehearsal dinner a challenge. A great way to honor your guests and their journey is hosting a brunch the morning after your wedding day.

You can also skip the rehearsal dinner and go right to planning a casual and fun after-party. Why not stretch out the good times and take the opportunity to hang out with your guests once the usual wedding stress has passed?

Two mimosas for a post wedding day brunch, Oak Island, NC beach wedding

Brunch in Southport is typically less expensive and a great way to send your guests back home. Everyone loves brunch!

Guests appreciate wedding weekends infused with your personal touches, and we are happy to help plan and execute the rehearsal dinner, welcome party, or after-party brunch that appeals to you!

Want to know our favorite rehearsal dinner & brunch spots in Southport? We've got a list! Message us and we’ll give you some great options! Maybe we can meet over a mimosa and start planning your big day!

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