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2020 Wedding Trends We Love | Wedding Planning Tips | Oak Island, NC Weddings

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Perhaps the most important trend in weddings for 2020 is authenticity. Friends and family are gathered together because they adore you, and they want to celebrate your love, and this doesn’t have to be done in solely traditional ways.

For example, table numbers are necessary, but they don’t have to be bland! A couple who are music lovers can print them on the sheet music of their love song and then frame them on each table. Not crafty or don't have time to DIY? Check out this awesome Etsy shop. They've got you covered for tables numbers, and more! Avid readers looking for a sustainable centerpiece to replace flowers could use a collection of their favorite books artfully arranged that guests could take home at the end of the night. If you're looking for the perfect place to source beautiful book stacks, that are wedding ready, look no further than Book Mosaic. Check them out here on Etsy. Great for your big day and beyond! Take them home and create beautiful bookshelves that even Joanna Gaines would envy!

Why settle for just saying yes to the dress, when you can say yes to adventure! We love it when a bride chooses to spice it up with a show-stopping gown! Lace, satin, organza - you'll be stunning in them all!

Also, in 2020 pantsuits aren’t just for red carpets: they are an awesome addition to a bride’s repertoire for the rehearsal dinner or for hitting the dancefloor at the reception. Southport brides love to embrace fresh ideas while honoring the traditions of their family or faith and slipping into a fun pantsuit for the last part of the reception is one way to have it all!

Of course, the perfect wedding dress is the one that brings out your inner shine. It’s the dress that captures your personality and makes you feel gorgeous. A hot trend is blending sophisticated style with a modern twist. Elegant, airy dresses with ornate, lace bodices that have an open back and gracefully sit atop a flowing, soft skirt that trails each step with a soft flounce have a stylishly relaxed vibe.

Color is a bold and fabulous way to make an impression, and we love seeing it used creatively throughout the details of the day. Pantone’s color of the year for 2020 is classic blue. From floral bridesmaids’ dresses, or patterned bowties for groomsmen in hues of blue, to vintage cobalt glassware replacing typical glasses, your something blue could be the cutting edge of expressing who you are.

All things 80s are certainly a go, so if 8-year-old you dreamed of a wedding day with neon fixtures with vibrant orange and pink accents, then we have to tell you that we absolutely love king protea with simple palm leaves. Perhaps you want to add some neon signs to your bar and tie in the Kokomo vibe by giving the DJ an 80s playlist to spice up the dancefloor.

A lot of North Carolina couples are taking a creative approach to planning their day, and we have to say that we are totally here for that! As seasoned event coordinators, we love a challenge. We love to embrace new ideas that elevate a wedding and create a truly unique experience for the guests, so we have one word for you: loungers.

Taking personalizing wedding décor to a whole new level is adding lounges, indoors or outdoors, providing guests a comfortable space to relax and enjoy the day. One of our favorite local rental vendors, who provides gorgeous lounge areas, is Martha My Dear. They offer a variety of styles and options to fit most any taste. Of course, adding new seating could affect the flow of your setup, so be sure to check with your planner to find the best spaces to accommodate this fun idea.

We believe your wedding should be the ultimate statement of who you are, the journey that brought you together, and a celebration of your future.

The ability to take the nuances of your life as a couple and weave it into your wedding in both practical and fanciful ways is something we are passionate about doing for our couples. Let’s talk more about your wedding plans!

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