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Our Best Advice On DIY Wedding Do’s and Don’ts | Southport Wedding Planning Advice

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

In a world that demands authenticity and originality, couples are both feeling the pressure of, and enjoying, adding creative DIY elements to their wedding to answer this call. Of course, there is a fine line between DIY-chic and a ‘Nailed It’ inspired fail, so we’re here to help you decide where your artistic skills will serve you best, and advice for when you should just leave it to the professionals.

Wedding ceremony sign Pick a Seat, Not a Side Southport, NC weddings

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs. There’s something to be said for being cute but not kitsch. A fun trend in weddings is DIY signs. Big wood ones, lit up ones, printed ones, shabby-chic, rustic boho-inspired macramé signs, or elegant hand designed table settings. Just be sure to avoid a lot of signs, people are intuitive, and they don’t need a sign for everything!

DIY signs are creative, adding that organic touch to a wedding. Be thoughtful and design in mind with the future so that you can hang those signs in your home later!

One way of reaching all of your friends and family is live streaming of your day. As a global society with loved ones in every corner of the globe, there are tons of live-streaming options that can help unite your tribe and share your day, ensuring no one has to miss a second of the action.

You should always be sure to check with your venue to make sure live-streaming options are available. Don’t assume the connections will be available, and ask to test run the Wi-Fi, so you are sure it’s strong enough.

Often one of the larger budget items for a couple is floral. From bouquets to cake toppers, aisle runners, and centerpieces, the cost of floral can sometimes tempt a couple to save a few bucks with DIY floral; however, this can be a DIY frustrating fail.

simple centerpiece Sustainable wedding options for Southport weddings

There are a myriad of issues which experienced florists tackle with beauty and perfection. Do you know how to transport your centerpieces without having them topple over? Do you know how to seat flowers into your cake? Do you know how to handle your roses so they don’t brown before you’ve even put your dress on?

Instead, talk with your florist about budget-friendly options like using seasonal flowers (always less expensive), using dried flowers which is a modern-punch, or utilizing existing centerpieces. Your florist is your color captain for the day, so lean on them for advice!

How many times have you taken an Uber who talks too much, takes way too long to get to the destination by choosing the worst, most congested routes, and makes your eight-minute joy-ride feel more like being trapped in a locked box with a maniac?

Well, that’s how your guests might feel if you leave the ever-important job of running your reception to a friend who loves music, or even a well-planned playlist.

A professional DJ is more than the just person who ‘hits play’ on the jams. They are the ring lead of fun, commander in chief of the execution of joy infusing carefully selected songs to start your party and keep it going. They are masters of reading the crowd and working seamlessly with other vendors to ensure your reception goes off without a hitch. In short: never be a DIY DJ.

Weddings are all about love and the commitment of love. Friends and family gather to celebrate your union, and so sometimes it seems almost required to choose a friend to do your officiating, but sometimes this can end in tears or even have you back at the courthouse. We’ve all seen wedding toasts go wrong: imagine if that happens at the alter?

A well-intentioned friend goes rogue on an adlib monologue, which makes your grandma blush and tarnishes the heartfelt emotion of the moment. Or worse, your friend doesn’t understand state law, and you have to pay to do the whole exchange again in front of a licensed professional.

Fact: NC doesn’t recognize “online ordination.” Save yourself the potential heartache and skip a DIY officiant.

Do you, or someone in your wedding party, have amazing calligraphy skills? Then DIY place cards, Thank You cards, or other simple table stationery are something guests love. However, if the finished first product looks more like something you made your Mom for Valentine’s Day in the first grade, then consider having a professional create them for you. If that doesn’t fit your budget, then we suggest leaving them out altogether.

Saving perhaps the most important element of your wedding for last, we really believe you should not ever have DIY photography/videography.

Your best-friends-cousins-girlfriend might be in art school and eager to earn their wedding chops, but it’s often a sure-fire way to ruin your only permanent record of the most amazing day of your life.

Wedding portraits are more than just moments captured, they are carefully crafted memories which you pass down to your kids and your grandkids, and your family history and their visual heirloom are always worth investing in.

Need advice on some great vendors in Southport? Contact us and we’re happy to share names our some of our favorites!

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