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We are the Blue Satin Bees, a team on a mission to make wedding days stress free and fun, while making a difference in the world. When it comes to wrangling a scattered bridal party, organizing the thousands of details involved in planning a wedding, and pulling off last minute inclement weather plans, we have done it all, with grace. Like to #bethechange? We'll provide eco friendly wedding tips and offer advice for making your big day sustainable. But it's judgement free all the way, we're just "crispy", not "crunchy"!   


Weddings are kind of our thing. The OG team was Kim and Teresa, a Mom and Daughter duo. In 2021, we expanded the hive to include Jumila, Danielle, and Emma. 

We can't wait to meet you! 



Owner & Lead Planner

Becoming a wedding planner is my high school dream job turned reality (15 years later)! 

Favorite Coffee: Decaf Hemp Milk Latte

Pinterest or Instagram: IG - to keep up with friends

Spotify Playlist: HipHop BBQ & anything Lana Del Ray

Comfort Movie: Great Gatsby



Lead Planner

I love wedding day! It's an incredible feeling seeing the vision become a reality! 

Favorite Coffee: Iced Vanilla Chai Tea Latte

Pinterest or Instagram: Instagram

Spotify Playlist: Anything 90s - Mary J Blige to Boybands

Comfort Movie: Nicholas Sparks - with all the feels 



Social Media Manager

Being able to use my creative side and seeing the impact of my work on small business growth is really rewarding. 

Favorite Coffee: Iced Coffee with Light Mocha

Pinterest or Instagram: Pinterest

Spotify Playlist: 70s Rock

Comfort Movie: Moulin Rouge


Lead Planner

I love helping people to have an enjoyable and carefree time and brainstorming wedding day solutions, should issues arise.


Favorite Coffee: Coffee with Cream

Hobbies: Gardening & Reading

Spotify Playlist: 60s & 70s Hits

Favorite Food: Ice Cream


Associate Planner

After planning my own wedding, I couldn't wait to help friends with planning theirs.


Favorite Coffee: Anything from our family plot Guatemala

Pinterest or Instagram: Pinterest

Spotify Playlist: Southern Rock or Christian

Comfort Movie: Pearl Harbor

Enough about us, let's hear about you! Contact us to get started planning your big day!

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