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Holly & Ryan's Southport Community Building Wedding

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Southport Community Building Wedding Lightbloom Photography Blue Satin Bee

Holly and Ryan's Southport Community Building wedding was a simple, understated affair with a very special touch – Holly's mom planned nearly the whole thing! This couple was so focused on the marriage part of their wedding day that they were entirely comfortable handing off the details and the result was an intimate, family-oriented wedding full of moving moments and special memories. Let's take a closer look.

Southport Community Building Wedding Lightbloom Photography Blue Satin Bee

After Ryan proposed to Holly in Italy after 2 ½ years of dating, the couple was sure they wanted to be married in Southport. Holly initially only wanted a very small, intimate family wedding, but her mother always dreamed of having one of her daughters get married at the Southport Community Building and offered to plan the whole thing herself. Holly recalls "once we saw the location, with the beautiful trees and overlooking the water, we knew it was the perfect spot." With that, Holly and Ryan took a very hands-off approach, while Holly's mom took over most of the planning legwork. Holly did pick the color scheme, though: "I wanted something simple, so I chose just Navy and White colors, with greenery/plants to accent everything."

When asked about their favorite moments of the day, Holly most remembers "when I walked out and saw him waiting for me at the altar, he looked like he was crying, so I immediately had to look away so I didn't lose it! Once I got up to him, I felt calm and happy and not nervous at all. I hate being the center of attention, but at that moment it felt like it was just us and it was the best feeling."

Their photography was also a memorable experience. "I also loved when the two of us took our photos together (which I normally hate) because we were just so happy and couldn't stop smiling, laughing, and kissing each other. And our photos turned out perfect!!"

Southport Community Building Wedding Lightbloom Photography Blue Satin Bee

As for the first dance, Holly says "I didn't even think about everyone watching us. Ryan sang along and we just were so happy and again couldn't stop kissing and smiling."

Southport Community Building Wedding Lightbloom Photography Blue Satin Bee

Holly and Ryan's best advice for other couples heading down the aisle is "I think not being too caught up in the planning and details helped us to not feel too stressed leading up to the big day. We were mostly focused on the result: we wanted to be married! If you have planners, let them take control and just take their direction."

We asked Holly's mom about her experience working with Blue Satin Bee events. She said, "We talked about every little detail, and you were very available for any questions or concerns, making suggestions to help things run smoothly. I felt very confident that everything would turn out wonderfully and if any problems arose they would be handled. At my final meetings with at least 2 of our vendors, they told me they had already been contacted by Teresa, which confirmed that she was taking care of things!

One more thing that impressed me was that Teresa made sure I left with everything I brought. The next day, I didn't know if we had remembered the cake knife, texted Teresa and found out she had washed it and put it back in the bride's room with the other things. Then a week later, Holly was concerned that she left the veil (which was mine) behind, and again learned it had been put back in its bag in the bride's room. It was incredibly valuable knowledge that I had someone I could depend on and that came from conversations with Teresa."

Are you planning a Southport Community Building wedding? Whether you're finalizing the details or you feel in over your head and are searching for wedding planners in Southport, NC, we'd love to help! Making sure that couples (and their mothers) have a worry free wedding day is what we do best! Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Coordinator: Blue Satin Bee

Photographer: Allison Eding Lightbloom Photography

Hair: Meagan Spivey Burnett at Ambiance Salon

Makeup: Kristin McLoughlin at Beauty and Bloom

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