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Ashley & Orry's Ocean Isle Beach Wedding

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

With a beach ball toss during the recessional, a tequila shot seating chart, and a lively dance train, Ashley and Orry’s Ocean Isle Beach Wedding was personal, laid-back, and fun.

Not only was Ocean Isle where this couple made their love official, it was also a place that held years of countless memories for both the couple and Orry’s family. With the tagline “You, Me, and the Sea” in mind, Ashley knew The Ocean Isle Inn was the perfect choice for their coastal wedding.

On the day of their wedding, they couldn’t wait to see each other. Ashley told us, "We didn't talk or text the entire day! I was constantly asking my bridesmaids if they'd seen him, and if he was ok. When I finally saw him down the aisle as the wedding began, I waved and laughed!" When it was time to make the sandy walk down the aisle, Orry recalls "I cried when I first saw Ashley because it all hit me. From 16 years old to now, and she looked stunning.”

The couple’s vows were one of their most treasured parts of the day. Orry shared, “We delivered [our vows] in such a personal way. Not only personal to the other person but the actual delivery was personal.”

Another personal touch that made a big impression with Ashley was their unique beach ball toss recessional. "Once he (the officiant) pronounced us husband and wife and we started walking down the aisle, all our family and friends tossed beach balls in the air, most hitting Orry in the face. I'll never forget that!”

Blue Satin Bee directing with Frank Hart Photography at The Ocean Isle Inn

The fun-loving couple, along with their family and friends had an amazing time celebrating and dancing the night away under the stars.

We asked Ashley and Orry to reflect on the biggest challenge of their day, but they were stumped.

"This is tough because we weren't challenged at all. Our wedding coordinator, Teresa, did everything with the timing: when Orry walked down the aisle, when our parents walked, when we cut the cake, when food was served, when toasts began. Honestly, it was so easy.

For the flowers, I just told the company, do whatever you think looks pretty. We were surprised by the flowers, centerpieces, cake, all the decorations! This made the day even better!"

With the excitement of the wedding over, Ashley and Orry can't wait for their next adventure. Ashley tells us: "Our honeymoon starts November 29th and we're going to Hawaii! 10 days, just Orry and me. It's going to be incredible."

Blue Satin Bee directing with Frank Hart Photography at The Ocean Isle Inn

Ashley’s advice to couples planning their wedding:

“Brides - don't stress. This day isn't about flowers or the cake. It's about making memories with your husband, family and friends. If you have no expectations and let the professionals do what they do best, you'll be surprised and overjoyed by everything! If you plan every color and decoration down to the "T", you're just asking to be disappointed. Plus, who remembers what color the flower girl petals are anyway?”

"Getting the package deal at Ocean Isle Inn was the best choice! We didn't have to choose the caterer, florist, photographer, DJ, ANYTHING! Plus, they were all incredible once all was said and done."

Working with this charming and genuine couple was a pleasure for us from start to finish. Congratulations, Ashley and Orry! Thanks for letting Blue Satin Bee be part of your special day!

If you’re planning an Ocean Isle Inn wedding, we’d love to help! Contact us and we can give you lots of information about this special venue.

Wedding Directing By: Blue Satin Bee

Photographer: Frank Hart

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