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Brooke & Cole's Southport Community Building Wedding

Updated: May 19, 2020

On your mark! Get set! You may… kiss the bride!

Brooke and Cole's simple yet elegant waterside wedding was a celebration overflowing with thoughtful and personal details. It showcased their personalities, told their love story, and captured the feeling of small-town love. Where better to do that than timeless Southport, North Carolina?

Let's take a closer look at some of the most charming details of the day, and hear more about it from Brooke and Cole themselves.

When we asked them to recall favorite elements of their wedding design, Brooke shared "My favorite things about the wedding were all the subtle things that represented us. We had painted a mailbox like the one in the movie UP, one of our favorite movies (with the sweetest love story) and made it our "card box" for the wedding, but we can also re-use it afterward at our home, too! We tried to only have décor that could be used somewhere else after the wedding. I also loved the venue being on the water, and having two big trees framing us at the altar. It was picture perfect!"

From the pictures, it's clear that this is one seriously stylish couple. Brooke's gown was a real show-stopper with its high neck and illusion back. "My dress was unique but so fitting for me," she says. "The top half of the dress was hand-beaded to add the hint of sparkle I've always loved. The skirt was long, sheer chiffon but had a miniskirt underneath so it looked like a short dress when I walked." Cole wanted to give a nod to his southern roots though his outfit, so he chose to don a gentlemanly bow tie with his tuxedo.

Southport Wedding Flower Girl Digital Wunderland Blue Satin Bee

The whole day was as spectacular as Brooke and Cole had dreamed, but naturally, some moments stand out as personal favorites. Brooke shared, "We loved having our 10-month old niece as the flower girl, toddling down the aisle with a toy walker she had only just learned to use the day before."

One of the biggest highlights of the day was incorporating their love of Track and Field, which they did in a highly creative and meaningful way! "Having our college track and field coach officiate was extra special for us, since he is ultimately the reason we met in the first place," Brooke told us. When it was time for their first kiss, their coach fired a starting pistol just as "Thor", the Southport Historical Society cannon, fired too!

Dance, dance, dance was the theme of the evening, but it's not everyday that we get to see a couple with moves like these two! Brooke shared a little on their show-stopping impromptu dance, "Although we had talked about choreographing a dance, we decided we would just have fun because my dress was not very dance-friendly. But, a song came on and everyone cleared the floor for us to dance. It was done completely on-the-spot, but we pulled off the one move we always dreamt of performing, despite the huge fluffy dress. Everyone was shocked!"

As for their future, they cheekily told us "We have big goals set and tons of changes, as we do not like to stay too comfortable for too long. Just remember our names, you will see them again someday!"

We'll look forward to it, Brooke and Cole! Thanks for letting us be part of your special day, and best of luck!

Are you ready to start planning your waterfront wedding? Need a wedding planner in Southport, NC? Contact us to schedule your free consultation.

Photography/Videography: Digital Wunderland

Cannon provided by: Southport Historical Society

Grazing Table: The Confectionary

Bar Provided By: Southport Tap and Cellar

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