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Springing into Engagement Season

Beach wedding invitation Blue Satin Bee Wilmington wedding planning

Seasons of Love. Tis the Season to be Jolly. The changing of Seasons. Engagement Season. Baseball Season. Hurricane Season. The Season of Honeymoon Bliss. We all love a season. Whether it's the leaves changing colors or the flowers blooming. A new shiny ring you can't keep your eyes off of or a new baby swaddled in your arms.

Every year we experience the four physical seasons and it reminds us of the different seasons we go through in life. While spring brings beautiful flowers and that coveted warm weather it also brings pollen and allergies. With every season in life we should prepare for the ups and the downs but when it comes to your engagement season we all want that season to be filled with mostly ups!

The beautiful season of engagement is a glimpse into what marriage looks like. You start making some big decisions together. You are often required to put your heads together to do some problem solving; and one of our personal favorites, compromising. You get to daydream together about your big day and what life will look like after that big day. You ponder everything from “Our Song” to the kind of dishes you’ll register for and then use on special occasions.

Here at Blue Satin Bee, we get it! We’ve done it. We’ve daydreamed of our own weddings and now cherish those memories, enjoying those snapshots from our big day now adorning our walls. We fell in love with wedding planning as we planned our own weddings and now we celebrate the fact that we get to continue doing something we love by helping others with their big day. There is nothing more rewarding than working alongside a couple, learning who they are individually and as a couple. Discovering their hopes and dreams for their big day and beyond and then seeing everything seamlessly fall together for them on this day that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

It's our passion and privilege. We would love to help you plan the First Day of the rest of your lives together. We'll make sure you remember to take a deep breath, smell the flowers, and even remind you to take an "allergy pill" for any tough times while you enjoy the "season" you're in! Contact us to "spring" into planning your big day!

Photo Credit:

Ring Photo with Driftwood & Couple "Cheersing" - Hen House Photography

Couple on Bench at Beach - KMI Photography

Couple Kissing Under Veil - Heather Webster Photography

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